Cancer! Never Eat These Foods Again this article says. You be the judge.

All Too Common Foods that Cause Cancer this article says. The editor does not agree with many of these claims as he indulges in many with no ill-health after 73 years. Judge for yourself.

Here it is, those cancer-causing foods you don’t want to hear about! But the truth is the truth. In today’s world, we are loading our bodies with cancerous chemicals, tobacco, and other carcinogenic substances. But the worst thing we are doing…is probably just eating

1. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are found in all sorts of food. Such as pre-packaged food, fast food, and margarine. These oils were once vegetable oils but then were processed into trans fats. It has been strongly suggested that such fats cause a variety of cancers.

This one isn’t quite as sneaky as the next though. Keep reading!

2. Popcorn

Aside from the fact that processed popcorn can contain these hydrogenated oils, microwave popcorn has been suggested to cause cancer. Namely, lung cancer. It is said there is a chemical on the inside of the non-stick bag that can wreak havoc on our system and become carcinogenic.

Nearly every American eats this next food on a weekly basis. Click next!

3. Lunch Meat

Processed lunch meat is loaded with all sorts of harmful substances. For starters, the animal could have been fed pesticides or GMOs. But more often than that harming us, the nitrates used to preserve the meat is far more harmful.

4. Hot Dogs

Much like lunch meat, hot dogs contain all sorts of cancer-causing love. Like lunch meat, they also contain sodium phosphate which is a known killer. To put it into perspective, it is suggested that over 34,000 people die each year due to processed meat.

You can avoid hot dogs, but can you avoid this next food? Unlikely! View next to see!

5. White Flour

White flour is pretty much just glorified sugar. White flour takes the beneficial whole wheat flour and bleaches, tampers, and processes it until it is unrecognizable. You know the insult ‘drink bleach’? Well, why would you when you can just eat a sandwich with white bread and lunch meat?

Or, have a burger with this next food! Keep reading!

6. Red Meat

Piece of medium grilled cut cooked beef steak on white background

Red meat is often smoked, cured, and salted to the point of danger. Often preservatives are even added to retain some means of ‘freshness’. It has been proven to damage the lining in the colon and cause related cancers. On the same note, people who eat a lot of red meat eat fewer veggies that fight off cancer.

Trying to diet? Well, don’t use this next item to do so! Read on for another killer!

7. Diet Soda

So, you’re trying to clean up and cut back on calories? That’s good, but in fact, diet soda has been said to be just as harmful as sugary soda. This sweetener known as aspartame has been linked to brain cancer, leukemia, and other cancers.

So, stick to sweets? Maybe not…read on to find out why!

8. Sweets Overdose

Sugar is bad…plain and simple. But it isn’t the glucose found in fruits that are doing it, but rather the white sugars that have been heavily processed. Cancer loves sugar and tumors feed off of it! The more processed, the better for cancer cells.

On the other hand, try dieting again with this next item. Keep reading!

9. Actually Anything Diet

Back to aspartame, a deadly substance. Aspartame is still acceptable today, but so were other artificial sweeteners at one point. But eventually, those substances were banned by the government! In general, it is best to put only natural, or even better organic, foods into your body.

Not every farmed food is natural. View next to see.

10. Farmed Fish

Most farmed fish are loaded with antibiotics, pesticides, and inhumane chemicals. Eating freshly caught fish can do wonders for your body, but add preservatives and additives and you’ll reverse all of its natural benefits. Besides, fishing is fun, you should try it!

Though even farmed food isn’t as processed as this next food. View next!

11. Canned Food

The biggest culprit with canned foods is BPA. The chemical used in cans and bottles has been strongly linked to cancer, especially breast cancer. Manufacturers argue the dangers, but most evidence comes from non-profit organizations. So it’s up to you. Trust the money makers or the non-profit groups?

Not everyone consumes the next item, but a large portion does!View next to see it!

12. Alcohol

It is a known fact that drinking alcohol comes with its risks. But cancer is not usually on that list. Yet extensive research has proven that alcohol is linked to several cancers. Although not all related to cancer, about 3.5% of US deaths are alcohol related.

Nearly everyone eats this next food

13. Potato Chips

Acrylamide is a chemical found in caulk, cigarette smoke, adhesives, and potato chips. You read that right…potato chips. I bet you’re wondering why such a chemical is allowed to reach foods that we consume. But the ACS has been asking manufacturers this for years!

This next food is often done at home.

14. Charred Foods

The black part of the BBQ chicken may be your favorite, but you may want to think twice before chowing down in it. The reason we know it is toxic is because a railway tunnel collapsed once, contaminating a stream with the chemical and killing cows.

Speaking of cows…let’s move on! What do cows drink!

15. GMOs (Like in Milk/Coffee Creamer)

Bet you said milk. But actually cows drink water. But milk is the concern here. Or rather the GMOs (or hormones) often used in cows to increase milk production. It is a nearly-proven cancer causing substance that has been banned in most countries.

One of the healthiest foods on the planet can cause cancer? Keep reading to see!

16. Non-Organic Fruit/Veggies

In its purest form, fruit actually fights off cancer, though ant form of sugar can feed its cells. But, today, even fruit is so processed, pesticide sprayed, and preserved that even it has been linked to cancer. To prevent the risks, buy organic fruit instead.

Everyone knows this next food is unhealthy. But cancer?

17. French Fries

We’ve talked about Acrylamide that is put in potato chips. But did you know it is also used in fast food fries? This revelation has brought on many lawsuits and is still legal! Think about that nest time you dip that potato in ketchup!

‘Preservatives’ now have a whole new meaning

18. Pickled Food

What? All that pickled food is actually cancerous? Although a fairly new study, pickled food may be linked to gastric cancer. This was found out when an increase in cancer was seen in places without access to fresh veggies.

Closely related to pickling, this next food is debatable!

19. Fermented Food

The debate as to whether fermented food fights cancer or causes it is still ongoing. Some say fermentation is packed with nutrients, others say it converts your cells into esophageal cancer. So, it’s up to you at this point.

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