10 Most Expensive Foods in the World


1…Ayam Cemani Chicken: $2,500 per chicken

Ayam Cemani Chicken-$2,500 per chicken image www.foodpassions.net

A rare Indonesian breed of chicken that is entirely black, including feathers, organs and muscles.

2…Bluefine Tuna: 3,500 per pound

Bluefine Tuna image www.foodpassions.net
This fish is an endangered species and sold at a record price in 2013 in Japan. It is used in sushi and sashimi.

3…Kopi Luwak Coffee: $100 to $600 per pound

Kopi Luwak Coffee-$100 to $600 per pound image www.foodpassions.net
Also known as civet or poop coffee, this coffee is produced in the bowel movement of the Asian palm civet (aka, toddy cat).

4...To’ak Chocolate: $260 per ounce

To’ak Chocolate $260 per ounce image www.foodpassions.net
81% pure cocoa dark chocolate created by a former Wall Street investment banker.

5…UK Pineapples: $16,000 a pineapple

cut pineapple-fruit

Grown in the UK based on techniques from the Victorian era and takes years to mature.

6…Hop Shoots: $600 per pound

Hop Shoot- $600 per pound image www.foodpassions.net
Looks like asparagus and is only available briefly once a year in spring, which makes them hard to forage and therefore rare.

7…Saffron: $2,000 to $10,000 per pound

Saffron-$2,000 to $10,000 per pound image www.foodpassions.net

Saffron threads are from the stamens of a crocus, which is a flower that requires high maintenance. Each flower blooms for only one week per year, growing three stamens that must be hand-picked.

8…White Truffle: $3,000 to $24,000 per pound

White Truffle-$3,000 to $24,000 per pound image www.foodpassions.net
Typically Italian truffles sell for $300 a pound. A Russian oligarch once paid $95,000 for the world’s biggest truffle which weighed 4 pounds.

9…Square watermelons: $200 a watermelon

Square watermelons-$200 a watermelon image www.foodpassions.net
These square watermelons are produced in Japan with the original purpose of making them easier to stack.

10...Gold Garnished Foods

gold garnished foods image www.foodpassions.net

Adding gold to food is not a recent trend. In fact, it’s been done since the Dark Ages, where the most wealthy ate gold as a show of extravagance. Below are just a few examples of modern edible gold meals:​

“Douche Burger” – True to its name, this $666 burger sold in a New York City food truck consists of Kobe beef patter with Gruyere cheese (melted with Champagne steam), caviar, truffles and lobster. And it’s wrapped in six sheets of gold leaf.

24K Pizza – $108 pizza garnished with 24K gold leaf, sold at Magic Oven, a pizzeria in Toronto.


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