Olives painted with copper sulphate top largest-ever Interpol-Europol list of fake food

A statement by Interpol on Wednesday said a record 10,000 tonnes and 1 million litres of hazardous fake food and drink had been recovered across 57 countries, with Australia also making the list.

Italian law enforcement recovered more than 85 tonnes of olives, painted with copper sulphate solutions to enhance their colour image www.foodpassions.net

In Greece, Operation Opson V discovered three illegal spirit factories image www.foodpassions.net

Operation Opson V also confiscated several kilograms of illicit monkey meat at Brussels airport image www.foodpassions.net

False labelling proved Australia’s undoing when testing of 450 kilograms of honey revealed it had been blended or adulterated, and a consignment of peanuts had been repackaged and relabelled as pine nuts, posing a significant threat to allergy sufferers. Earlier this year, researchers claimed Australian honey was “contaminated”.

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