VIDEO: How the Fatal Delicacy Fugu Is Prepared for Human Consumption

The expensive, Japanese delicacy called fugue, or blowfish, can be extremely fatal if prepared improperly. Even the smallest mistake could mean death for a customer. It’s poison, called tetrodotoxin, has the ability to cause a “rapid and violent” death.

At first, numbness around the mouth occurs, then the entire body goes into paralysis, and finally comes death. The worst part? The fish’s victim remains conscious until the very end. There also isn’t an antidote available for those who succumb to the powerful toxin.

Supposedly, tetrododoxin is 200 times more deadly than cyanide.

Although the most poisonous part of the fish is the ovaries, tetrododoxin is also found in the intestines, eyes, skin, liver and skeleton. There is enough poison in the liver alone to kill approximately five people.

Throughout Japan, preparation of this delicacy is strictly controlled by the government. In order to be able to prepare fugu for human consumption, chefs must go through years of training to receive proper certification.

In the video above, you’ll see a skilled chef do what he does best.


Henry Sapiecha

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