Domino’s driver-tracking lets you follow a pizza from the oven to your door

New service from Domino's will elt you track your pizza to your door while getting to know your delivery driver.image

New service from Domino’s will let you track your pizza to your door while getting to know your delivery driver. Photo: Domino’s

Pizza lovers in Australia and New Zealand will soon be able to use their smartphones or tablets to track their orders’ journey to their doorstep in real time.

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Domino’s is planning to put an end to the excruciating wait between ordering and receiving your pizza by introducing the GPS Driver Tracker, an app that lets you follow your driver’s car on your PC or smart device.

The service, inspired by “the uberfication movement”, is set to release in July, Domino’s says. The company has partnered with Garmin to deliver the GPS technology that powers the app.

CEO Don Meij said the app, which also lets users see the name, face and biography information of their driver, was “a new level of engagement between our customers and our delivery drivers that’s never been seen before in the takeaway food industry”.

He also said the constant tracking would make the drivers more safe and generate instant reports if they happened to speed or drive dangerously. During an 18 month test of the technology driver “incidents” fell 50 per cent.

The company has already embraced tracking technology by allowing people to track their order while it cooks, but the update will take that one step further and allow them to track in real time all the way from order to delivery.


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